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Steve-Py: I bought a blue t-shirt for my wife, but the color was light brown. The color is exactly as shown in the ps2outlet picture. She loves it! She takes ot everyday, everywhere. Sorry I can't tell you about the accent of such color.

rbmojo: There isn't any padding though or anything else in the way of protection. If you're careful it will work as gorkemm.

Renee Meeker: My friend has one that she has for years. No problems. I've not encountered any problems with mine either.

Yasmin Malone: No, it is not a replica! They come with the Ralph Lauren Outlet labels and all that you would expect if you bought item at a name brand store!

Sherry Jelinek: I've had my shoes for almost 2 years and the handles have held up beautifully. No problems.

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