Best HDMI Splitter

Best HDMI Splitter

Numerous situations warrant the need for a new HDMI splitter. Perhaps you have a Blu-ray player or cable streaming device and several televisions scattered about the house that you would like to use. Perhaps you have an Xbox and would like to set it up with several different monitors for ease of play with a group of friends.

As much as possible, we look for options that allow us to share a single file in different ways to different platforms, and the common device used for such an activity is the HDMI splitter.

The HDMI screen splitter features innovative technologies that can transmit data to different devices and platforms without loss or reduction in quality. Finding the best version of this device can be tough, which is why we have put together a list of the best HDMI splitters around, to help you make a wise investment.

HDMI Splitter Price

As mentioned earlier, an HDMI splitter is a simple, no-frill additions to your entertainment or work system. As such, prices sit on the low side. A basic 1 x 2 cable splitter will start out around $10, while box splitters tend to be more expensive, particularly if they offer a larger variety of splitting options. Expect to pay around $40 for a 1 x 4 splitter and $50 or more for a 1 x 8.

For a box splitter, you should check that it ships with an AC adapter. If not, add a few more dollars to the overall cost of the splitter. Finally, ask if the splitter has some form of warranty as insurance against receiving a defective or inferior one.

5 Best HDMI Splitters of 2021:

1. 1×2 HDMI Splitter By OREI

Every product we make mention of, we strongly believe in its operations as well as its durability. If you love sending loads of data across various platforms simultaneously, we can guarantee that the Orei HDMI Splitter will be your next best friend. Technology enthusiast makes it provide a highly durable and efficient splitter for customers.

The Orei HDMI Splitter can create two identical signals through the splitting of one HDMI input signal. It features extensive support for various audio formats, including Dolby TrueHD, LPCM, Dolby-AC3, among others. It is seen in a bulky duty metal casing, designed as one cool enclosure and this is meant to keep the splitter well protected and also aid in the swift absorption and dissipation of heat which will ultimately make the device cooler. This splitter is the perfect multi-practical accessory for both your business and home.

It features a plug and play mechanism which doesn’t require the user to have any prior knowledge or skill set. With this HDMI splitter, users can watch all their favorite HD movies, play 3D games, and enjoy the highest sound quality without any issue. A perfect electronic gift any tech lover will like.

  • Most economical model on the market
  • Can be connected for a full HD output
  • Operates with a high-quality 3D display
  • Outputs might not suit everyone’s needs

2. Newpower TrueMatrix

Newpower TrueMatrix

There are simple splitters, and then there are the more complicated Matrix-style that are often used in commercial settings to send the same signal to multiple displays – an example of this might be the screens around a concourse at a sports stadium. This, although certainly not a professional option, is one of these such matrix splitters and as such, has a lot more features onboard than the standard, signal in, multiple signals out of the cheaper models.

That said, it certainly won’t break the bank and is quite reasonably priced. As with the switchers we looked at most of these units come from unheard of Chinese manufacturers, and it is easy to select the wrong model when you don’t really know what you are looking for.
Matrix switches are slightly different in that they take an input and can output it to several screens, or they can take an input and output it to every second screen, and they take a second input and output it to the others. Basically, you can configure things a lot more and have much more control over what gets routed where. I use an Extron Matrix for connecting multiple retro consoles to a single screen.

  • Multiple input and output options
  • Sturdy case design
  • Remote control
  • Might be more than you actually need


If you need a solid, but cheap switch/splitter for your 4K TV, GANA switch may be a great option for you.

This device is not only highly affordable, but also feature-rich and with great compatibility and support for various device types, such as PS4, Xbox, Blu-ray and DVD players, etc.

GANA HDMI Switch/Splitter supports 3D and 30Hz 4K video, along with numerous audio formats such as Dolby TrueHD, DTS, Dolby Digital AC3 and many more. Thanks to the bidirectional nature of this switch/splitter you may use it with two video inputs and one output, or with one input and two outputs; nevertheless, it can only display on one monitor at the time. GANA HDMI Switch/Splitter allows for 3.4Gbps data transmission, it is compatible with the HDCP 1.4 standard and provides easy setup and comfortable use.

All in all, if you want the best HDMI splitter at a small price, GANA HDMI Switch/Splitter should be your highest priority.

  • Bi-directional
  • Cheap price
  • Easy setup
  • Smooth performance
  • Not the best quality control

4. Kinivo 550BN HDMI Switch

Kinivo 550BN HDMI Switch

The Kinivo 550BN is the king of affordable (and reliable) HDMI switchers. With five high-speed HDMI ports, one output, and a compact, utilitarian design, it’s easy to see why it’s so attractive. While earlier iterations of this unobtrusive, competitively-priced switcher didn’t feature 4K support, the latest version is a significant upgrade, offering 4K video at a crisp 30 or 60 frames per second (FPS). That makes it ideal for both video game consoles and physical media players, especially if you’re looking for something to use for a Blu-ray player that supports 4K discs.

Though there’s an included infrared (IR) remote to swap between HDMI inputs, the 550BN can also switch automatically to an active input, which removes one potentially confusing element from the equation: Which input refers to what? Our reviewer especially liked that there was no need to memorize arbitrary HDMI numbers with the 550BN. Thanks to its wide array of features, excellent visual fidelity, and auto-switching abilities, the 550BN is one of the best options for power users and beginners alike.

  • Five HDMI inputs
  • 4K 60fps support
  • Infrared remote included
  • No picture-in-picture mode
  • Expensive

5. Orei HD-201P 2 X 1 High Speed

Orei HD-201P 2 X 1 High Speed

The Orei HD-201P 2 x1 High-Speed HDMI Switcher delivers professional quality picture and sound with no signal loss. It automatically detects and switches to the active signal making it convenient to use, and it supports multiple video types including 1080i, 1080p, 720p, 1024×768, 1360×768, Audio format PCM2, 5.1, 7.1 CH, Dolby 5.1 and DTS 5.1. But, the real advantage of this HDMI switcher is its advanced picture-in-picture (PIP) feature that allows you to output two sources on a single screen.

Unlike many other HDMI switchers, this 2.8 x 5.5 x 1-inch model gives you the option to choose from four different screen sizes for the second picture. Choose anything from a half-and-half screen with two widescreen images displayed side-by-side to a small image that can be tucked into any corner. With no lag or delay in the PIP output, the HDMI switcher allows you to keep up with two games at once or follow exciting political races while still watching your favorite show.

  • Auto signal source detection
  • Four screen sizes for second picture
  • Compact
  • No 4K support

HDMI Splitter Buying Guide

An HDMI splitter takes a signal from one source (like your gaming console, computer, AppleTV, etc.) and sends it to multiple destinations (like TVs or monitors). It’s what you use if you want to, say, play Call of Duty with your roommate on different TVs. Splitters are labeled with two numbers. The first is always a one, which reflects the number of inputs. The second is the number of outputs, and it typically ranges from two to eight.

So just decide how many outputs you want, and don’t make the mistake a lot of people do and buy an HDMI switcher, which does just the opposite — it connects multiple sources (like your cable box, Roku, and PS4) to a single destination (usually your TV). Also, don’t forget the HDMI cables. They’re not included.

How to choose the HDMI Splitter

In order for you to find the best HDMI splitter possible, you need to pay attention to numerous details. Still, not every characteristic has the same importance. For that reason, it is vital to know what the crucial ones are, and in order to help you, we gathered them in one place.

  • SUPPORTED RESOLUTION: The first thing you should have on your mind when deciding which HDMI splitter to buy is its supported resolution. It is always the best to go at least one step ahead of your current needs and if, for instance, you have only 1080p devices, you still choose the splitter with 4K support. 4K is today’s standard and something you will surely need in the future. Therefore, if your resources allow it, 4K support should be your first priority.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Maybe you need an HDMI splitter just for your TV or PC signal mirroring, which may be managed by almost any splitter. However, what if, for instance, you decide to add an Xbox into the “equation”?
  • WARRANTY: Rapid technological progress has brought us many things, including a wide variety of products and their prices. Nevertheless, this speed has also brought us a lot of not-fully-developed or not-fully-tested products, with a questionable overall quality, which includes both known and unknown brands.